How do I draw an owl's head?
The head is perhaps the most important part of the owl, so take your time in getting it right. Start by sketching out the basic shape, making sure that the beak and eyes are properly proportioned. Once you're happy with the initial sketch, start adding details such as feathers and shading.
What kind of pencil should I use for drawing owls?
Any type of pencil will work when drawing owls, but a graphite pencil is ideal because it produces darker lines. If you're using a colored pencil, make sure to use light colors for the base layer and darker ones later on.
What kind of pen or marker should I use for drawing owls?
Any kind will do! Just make sure that the tip isn't too thick or else your lines will be too bold and heavy. A fine-point pen or marker is ideal for creating delicate details.
How do I keep my owl drawings from looking flat or two-dimensional?
By adding shading and other effects, you can make the three-dimensional owl look more realistic. You might want to use a reference photo or drawing when doing this step so that your owls come out looking their best!