What Is the Best Drawing Paper for Beginners?
Teaching someone to draw with the wrong paper can be like teaching them how to drive, but giving them a truck. You end up spending more time righting their mistakes than helping them learn.

For beginners, it is important they start on good quality drawing materials that make learning easier and faster; not harder by struggling with inferior products. They should select papers made specifically for artists or for digital sketching (if you want to use your computer).

Some art teachers will recommend students who are just starting out purchase cheap bond printer paper instead of using “drawing” paper because it is cheaper, but this is actually poor advice since many student grade papers won't hold up well under erasing - which is an essential part of making corrections when learning to draw.
What Kind of Drawing Paper Is Best for Professional Artists?
When it comes to professional artists, the type of paper they use really depends on what kind of artist they are. There is no one size fits all solution here, but most professionals will attest that high-quality paper like Strathmore 400 Series (smooth) bristol or cotton rag papers like Canson Montval watercolor art board work well for them.

Typically these kinds of drawing materials are made specifically for traditional pencils, inks, and markers so you don't have to worry about bleeding through your lines.
What Is Bristol Paper?
Bristol Paper is a heavyweight drawing paper that has many uses. Bristol paper was created for making blueprints, so it’s often used by architects and engineers because of its smoothness and durability. The padding on the back means you can easily trace an image onto this type of paper if needed, but most people use bristol when doing hand-drawn sketches rather than working with a pen or pencil directly on the surface itself.

This makes bristol ideal for creating art in graphite, ink wash painting techniques like sumi-e (墨絵), airbrush work using markers or paint pens, pastel drawings, or watercolor paintings.