How Do I Clean My Acrylic Paint Palette?
You should wash it after each session using soap and warm water then wipe dry immediately afterwards; this is especially important with wooden palettes because they're porous which means moisture could get trapped inside over time causing them to warp! If there are paints left on the surface let them completely dry before scraping off pieces - otherwise some colors might mix together and become unusable.
Will a Wet Palette Thin Paint?
A wet palette will help thin out acrylic paints so they go on smoother and more fluidly. However, you'll usually need more layers of paint if you're using a wet palette - this is especially important when working with acrylics that have fewer pigment loads and require multiple coats for full opacity.
Which Palette Is Best for Me?
This really depends on your needs and what you value most as a painter so we can't give you a "one size fits all" answer here but if you do want durability then go with metal or glass palettes because they won't warp or crack unlike cardboard or plastic ones that are usually inexpensive but not very durable over time. You just have to decide whether those features matter enough to make up for their higher price points.
What Is the Best Color Palette for Acrylic Paint?
It really depends on your personal taste, the type of painting you're doing, and how much money you want to spend. While some artists have their favorite color schemes that they stick with over time others like using a variety of colors so it's best if you try out different palettes until you find one that feels right for your work!