What if my paints are drying too fast?
Add some water to the paint --this will slow down how fast things dry and allow you to blend better since there'll be less risk of any lines forming or paints puddling together.

Try using some wax medium if you're working on canvas since this will slow down the drying process for acrylics and allow more time to blend colors together.
How to blend acrylic paint like oil?
The easiest way to blend acrylic paints like oils is by using a dry brush. This will allow you to mix colors together without making it too muddy or destroying previous layers that were painted on top of one another which can be quite difficult if not done properly!

Just make sure your brushes are clean and load them up with paint from each color beforehand so they're ready for action as soon as everything else has been applied onto the canvas--if there's any excess water in either then this could cause problems when blending which should definitely be avoided at all costs since it makes things much more complicated than they need to be.

Now get started painting over everything again but use smooth even strokes while doing this; try keeping things as consistent and even with each layer that's added on top of one another to avoid any disruptions, making sure everything is blended together in the process.
How to blend acrylic paint on wood?
To avoid streaks when blending paint on wood surfaces blend with a bristle brush instead of foam if possible since it'll give you more control, especially in smaller areas where precision is key.

If bristles are too long then try trimming them down using kitchen shears or something else that can get the job done without ruining your primary paintbrush! A good rule of thumb here is anything that's between half an inch and two inches should do just fine most of the time so keep this in mind whenever trying out new shapes/sizes for yourself.

When painting larger smooth surfaces like walls, what usually works best is to completely load up your brush with one color and then starting at one end of the wall, use smooth strokes to spread out the paint evenly across its surface.
How to blend acrylic paint on canvas?
Try to make sure your paint is pretty smooth and even before you try blending things out using a dry brush then add another color on top of it. This will help ensure that everything blends together properly since there won't be anything rough or streaky underneath getting in the way--just keep doing this until desired results are achieved!
How to blend acrylic paint with a sponge?
When using sponges to blend paint it's best not to soak the sponge all the way since that'll just cause things to get too wet with water--instead, try squeezing out any excess liquid so there are only a few drops present.

Get your sponge nice and damp before dipping into one color of paint then press down on top of the other color you want blended together with this. Now gently dab at an angle until desired results are achieved!