How do I make a mandala?
There are many ways to make a mandala, but the most common is by using a compass or ruler to draw a circular design. You can then add spirals and other shapes inside of the circle until you have a finished product.
What's a good mandala to draw?
A good mandala to draw is one that you enjoy creating because it will bring happiness into your life! Can't think of any ideas right now? Then start with something simple like a circular design with some basic shapes inside. Once you get the hang of it, you can start adding more detail and complexity to your mandalas. As always, there are no wrong or right answers when it comes to art!
What type of paper should I use for my mandala?
Any type of paper will work for a mandala, but some artists prefer to use heavier types such as watercolor paper or Bristol board. This is completely up to the artist's preference.
What does it mean when you keep drawing mandalas?
It means that your brain has found something enjoyable in creating these symmetrical patterns over again so now it wants more! You're probably getting better at drawing them too which makes them even more satisfying once completed successfully.
Can anyone draw a mandala?
Yes! Anyone can learn how to draw a mandala. The most important thing is just to have fun and enjoy yourself along the way.