Get Ready for Compliments – Learn How to Paint a Sunset in Minutes

What You Will Need For This Tutorial

Acrylic Paints

We will be using Arteza Acrylic Paint for this tutorial. It is a great brand that offers beautiful colors. We need the following colors:

  • Scarlet Red
  • Cadmium Yellow Medium
  • Cerulean Blue
  • Burnt Sienna

If you cannot find these colors, feel free to use any other brand or colors that you have. We just want to make sure that you have a warm and cool color, as well as a light and dark color.

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How to Draw Tanjiro: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Draw Tanjiro? Begin by drawing a head shape and then add the facial guidelines. Next, draw the body and clothing. Once you have the basic shapes down, you can start to add details. Finally, color in your drawing and add any final details you like. More about how to draw Tangiro Kamado you will learn below.

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How to Draw Leaves: Easy Step-by-Step Instructions

How to draw leaves? First, try to find reference photos or sketches of the type of leaf you want to draw. Next, sketch out the basic outline of the leaf using light pencil lines. Once you have a basic outline in place, start filling in the details with darker pencil strokes. Finally, add shading and highlights to give your leaf more depth and realism.

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