Arteza Brush Pens: Tips, Tricks and Product Review

Brush pens are an excellent way to create artwork with a natural, fluid look. They are the perfect choice for artists who want to work in a more expressive and spontaneous manner than can be achieved with traditional painting or drawing tools. But if you’ve never used brush pens before, it might seem like there are too many different types of brushes out there! This blog post will help solve that problem by giving you all the information you need about Arteza brush pens: what they’re made of, how to use them, and which ones we recommend here at The Art Pen Company.

Arteza brush pens review

Arteza brush pens are a specific type of pen that uses an ink channel and fiber or synthetic hair to create a fluid, expressive stroke. This allows the artist to achieve a natural look in their work from either side of the pen tip – just as you would with real paintbrush bristles. However, unlike traditional brushes, there is not a lot of messy, fiddly clean-up involved!

The pen tips are usually made from either nylon or fiber – with the former being more resilient and easier to maintain. The pens themselves come in a variety of nib sizes (ranging from very fine .02mm up to thick brush heads) which can be combined together for different effects depending on how you hold them.

Arteza also produces a brush marker pen that features the same ink channel but with markers on both ends of the tip instead – allowing you to switch between fine and broad strokes very easily!

There are also brush pens that use real hair bristles (usually synthetic) instead of an ink channel. However, these tend to be much more expensive and difficult to maintain due to the extra care that needs to be taken with them compared to nylon-tipped brushes.

Why should you use Arteza brush pens?

There are a few different reasons why Arteza’s brush pens could be the ideal tool for you:

  • They’re extremely versatile and easy to use. You can achieve an incredible amount of variation simply by changing how much pressure is applied with your fingers as you draw! This allows artists who want to experiment more freely with their work.
  • They’re a great way to expand your tools. If you prefer traditional paintbrush strokes but want the convenience of pens, the Arteza brush markers are an excellent choice – allowing you to switch between different styles very easily!
  • They’re watercolor-friendly. This means that you can create beautiful, blended artwork with them – without having to be a watercolorist yourself!

You should also know that brush pens are a fantastic choice for children and beginners who still need to develop their artistic skills. They’re simple, easy-to-use tools that can introduce you to the joys of painting or drawing in expressive ways – without any frustration over messy cleanup! Plus, many brands offer packs specifically designed for younger that are perfect for helping them learn.

That’s why Arteza brush pens are the best choice if you want to create artwork with more freedom and spontaneity than can be achieved with traditional art tools like pencils or paintbrushes. They’re also great for expanding your existing collection of drawing materials by allowing you to experiment freely without having to come up with new techniques!

What is the color chart of Arteza’s real brush pens?

The Arteza color chart is a full-fledged reference guide to all of the colors included in an individual set of brush pens. It allows you to quickly see what each pen looks like – so that you can match it precisely with your artwork or create new pieces using different shades! The chart also includes information on how intense the ink appears both wet and dry, along with some useful pointers for getting started.

How to use Arteza brush pens for lettering?

Now that you know what Arteza brush pens are about, let’s look at how to use them in practice.
The most common way of using these markers is for lettering – where they can produce a variety of styles ranging from simple hand-drawn characters to beautifully shaded calligraphic letters.

For this type of work, the pens with a thicker brush tip are usually the best choice – since they allow you to create much smoother lines for more fluid lettering.

However, there is one important thing to remember when using them: unlike traditional markers and pens, Arteza’s brush pens work by applying pressure with your fingers instead of clicking down on the pen itself. This means that you need to be very gentle and build up the amount of pressure gradually instead – or you risk breaking your brush tip!

This has an added benefit though: it allows you to vary the thickness of your lines very easily without having to change pens. It’s simply a case of adjusting how much pressure is applied with each letter – which can produce some stunning results if done well!

So, what are you waiting for? Arteza expands its brush range all they feature an ink channel and nylon tip like regular felt-tipped pens. These don time, so if you’re a fan of Lettering or calligraphy then check out the latest Arteza brush pens now!

Pros and cons of using Arteza brush pens

The Arteza brush pens are highly versatile and easy to use, so they have a lot of advantages.

They’re great for beginners – because their versatility can be used by anyone who hasn’t developed the skills required to paint or draw traditionally yet. Plus, this allows children to experiment with art without the risk of making a mess.

They’re very affordable for what they offer – and many brands include brushes specifically designed for younger artists in their packs, so it’s perfect if you want to introduce your children to art!

However, there are cons that you should be aware of. The main disadvantage with brush pens is their short lifespan. If you use them daily, they may need replacing within a few months – which makes them more expensive compared to other pens or markers.

You can’t change the brush tip like regular marker pens either! That means that using different styles for your lettering is harder since there’s no way of removing one brush and switching it for another.

When you do use them, you need to make sure that the brush tip is very clean. Otherwise, this can lead to smudges and ink marks appearing on your artwork – which will ruin everything!

For best results then it’s important to remember these tips:

  • Make sure that each brush pen has time between different uses so the ink can dry and the brush tip doesn’t split.
  • Keep your brushes clean by removing any excess ink on a paper towel or tissue before you put them away – otherwise, this could make it harder to create smooth edges!

If you follow these guidelines then Arteza’s Expanded Art Pens will help you produce beautiful artwork for years.

Great for beginners
Very affordable for what they offer
Easy to use
A fantastic choice for children and beginners
Short lifespan
Need to make sure that the brush tip is very clean

The tutorial (step by step instructions)

Step one – choose your paper

If it’s a large poster or painting that you need to complete, then smooth white cartridge paper is perfect for the job. However, if this is just an experiment or a small piece of artwork, then you can use any paper you like.

Step two – decide on your design

If this is for lettering or calligraphy purposes, make sure to choose thick one-directional lines that are relevant to the words. For example: if it’s “hello” then draw each line with a slant from right to left.

Step three – get the ink

Get the ink out of your brush pen by squeezing it down until you can see a drop appearing on its tip. Then, place this part against the paper and gently release the pressure so that an even amount of ink appears across each line. Try not to apply too much force since this could split the brush tip.

Step four – now practice your strokes

If you’re writing words, then don’t worry about drawing perfect letters or shapes just yet since this can be added later on when you’ve become more experienced at using Arteza’s Expanded Art Pens. Instead, focus on making sure that each line has an even thickness that’s consistent with the rest of your artwork.

If you’re drawing shapes or lines then it may be harder to create smooth edges – especially if this is your first time using these products! However, once you get used to how they work and feel in your hand, this should become easier over time. If you do make a mistake while drawing, then don’t worry! Just wait for the ink to dry and start again.

Step five – think about color

Arteza’s Expanded Art Pens are available in many different colors since they feature a wide range of hues including silver, gold, blue-black, and more! However, you should only use one at a time or you could ruin your artwork.
Finally, if you make a mistake while using these products then don’t fret! The ink – especially silver and gold – can be removed by rubbing it with an eraser until the line disappears. If this doesn’t work, however, then gently try scraping across the area with a craft knife to remove any unwanted ink.

This article should have given you a better understanding of extended Arteza brush pens – so why not buy some today to produce beautiful artwork for your home or office?


Arteza’s Expanded Art Pens are a wonderful product that can help you create beautiful artwork for your home or office. They’re easy to find online and the ink is removable if it makes a mistake while producing your design.

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