Spectrum Noir Illustrator Twin Tip Markers vs Copic Classic Markers – Detailed Comparison

Designing with alcohol markers can be a fun and rewarding hobby, but before you start investing in the best alcohol markers for your needs it’s important to first know what sets them apart. With so many brands out there, it can be hard to figure out which one is right for you. We will go through all of the key differences between Spectrum Noir alcohol markers vs Copic markers so that by the end of this blog post you’ll have a better understanding of which ones are best for your situation.

Copic Marker Classic Markers 36-Piece Basic Set Crafter’s Companion Spectrum Noir Illustrator Twin Tip Pack of 36
Available Colors 36 (358 max.) 36 (216 max.)
Color and Saturation Extremely rich, vibrant colors Very saturated but not as much as Copics
Lightfastness Extremely long-lasting (permanent) Optimal for projects where the image will not be exposed to direct sunlight over time
Price More expensive than most other alcohol marker brands Affordable
Skill Level Great for professional designers Easy to use for beginners or hobbyists who want good results quickly
Best For Sketching and coloring Lettering and calligraphy
Price Check Price Check Price

Copic Marker Classic Markers

Copic Markers are very popular among artists because of their large range of colors, refillable option, and ability to last many years if properly cared for which makes them ideal if you want a marker with longevity.

They can be used for many years to come with proper care and maintenance so you won’t need to invest in new ones anytime soon, making them ideal if you’re looking into serious designing that will require a time investment.

Copic markers are refillable at any time using their huge variety of color options including metallics, neon colors, pastels, and standard colors which allows artists to express themselves better when it comes to detail work.

If you want to draw comics and don’t know where to start read our Comics Full Beginner’s Guide.

Spectrum Noir Illustrator Twin Tip Markers

If you’re looking for an entry-level alcohol marker that will give you a great start in designing then Spectrum Noir would be ideal. If you’re just starting out and aren’t sure how much a hobby like this is going to cost or require from your time, taking up Spectrum Noir markers could save the day!

Spectrum Noir has been around longer than most other brands and has built up an excellent reputation with artists because of it. They have some great colors in their collection including metallics which allow them to compete with Copic markers easily.

Designing with Spectrum Noir can be easy too since these alcohol-based ink dry quickly like Copic markers do but at half the cost!

The only downside of Spectrum Noir vs Copic is that their color options aren’t as extensive, but if you’re looking to get into designing with alcohol markers then Spectrum Noir will give you a great start at half the price.


Spectrum Noir vs Copic Comparison


Copic markers are square in shape and have a slightly longer side. The body of the Spectrum Noir Illustrator Twin Tip marker is thinner than that of the Copic and has a hexagonal shape making it quite comfortable to hold and work with for long periods.

Both styles are great in their own way but if the shape is important to you then Copic markers are definitely more versatile.

Color Range

There are 36 colors available between both brands so they cover most areas when it comes to coloring your artworks/illustrations or even writing letters etc. However, if you compare them on paper then there’s some difference because Copics come with many more shades which means you can get really fine details without having too much trouble while trying different techniques like blending.

Drawing and Lettering

It all depends on what exactly do you need since if your focus is more on illustration and coloring then Copics are better but if you want to do both – lettering and color your artwork with markers, the Spectrum Noir Illustrator Twin Tip marker is a good choice. It comes in handy if you need to write letters, sentences, or draw smaller designs like dots, stars.

Color and Saturation

Both brands offer saturated colors that dry with even pigmentation. The ink does not fade or bleed through paper for both markers making them great for any type of drawing surface without damaging it.

The ink in both sets of pens dries to a matte finish that is similar to the color when it was wet, making them great for beginners who want something easy but not too cheap.

Copic marker’s color and saturation are extremely rich, the color is vibrant even when diluted with water. The Spectrum Noir alcohol markers are also very saturated but not as much as Copics and sometimes they can look a bit chalky.


Copic markers are known to be extremely long-lasting (permanent) when working on paper projects such as card making, scrapbooking, etc. Spectrum Noir alcohol marker’s lightfastness isn’t bad but optimal only for coloring books and similar projects where images will not be exposed to direct sunlight over time because exposure to UV rays makes pigments fade away faster.


Both brands have the same type of alcohol-based ink which means that they’re both permanent on most major surfaces so it’s really hard to mess up your artwork with them by accident because even though after drying there might be some smudges left behind those will mostly disappear as soon as you color something else over such a spot where nothing should be visible anymore once everything is done.

So we can say that both Copics and Spectrum Noir Illustrator Twin Tip Markers offer professional quality results without needing too much practice or experience because they’re easy to use and give you very nice looking outcomes right from the first try.

Blending Ability

Both brands have a really good quality ink which means that colors blend together effortlessly but if you want a smooth single color gradient then it’s much easier to do with Copics.

The Spectrum Noir Illustrator Twin Tip marker has a blender pen that works similarly to any other brush, with the exception that it can dry out quickly, so make sure to keep an extra one on hand after your current one runs out since you won’t be able to blend anything until the second pen gets moistened after applying ink or water on both ends of the tip.


Both markers are double-sided which means they have a medium tip on one side and fine tips on the other end of the marker. One end is for drawing while the other end can be used whenever blending becomes necessary.

There is a huge difference between both brands when it comes to tips shape. Copic markers come with square-shaped tips while Spectrum Noir Illustrator Twin Tip marker’s round tip works more like regular pens or pencils.

The Copic marker has a sharp, narrow tip. The Spectrum Noir also has a long point but it is not as sharp. Both are good for drawing letters or writing sentences. When coloring with them, the Copic can cover larger areas without having to go over the same spot again to make more color appear where there was none before.


Spectrum Noir Illustrator Twin Tip markers are half the price of Copic Classics so if you want an entry-level alcohol marker then Spectrum Noir will do its job perfectly. Both brands use exactly the same kind of ink making it easy for artists who don’t know yet whether designing is going to become a part of their daily lives or not!

For artists who already know that alcohol markers are an integral part of their designing workflow, Copic markers definitely win the battle! They come at almost double the cost for Spectrum Noir but give a better quality when it comes to blending colors or adding some fine details to your design work.

Final comparison

Overall, we can say that both Copic Marker Classic markers and Spectrum Noir Illustrator Twin Tip markers offer nice results and good quality alcohol-based ink with great blending ability.

When it comes to larger areas or coloring a whole page, then Copics markers have great advantages due to their thicker tips and ability to combine different colors while Spectrum Noir Illustrator Twin Tip markers are simply a better choice when working on smaller designs, lettering, or coloring pages.

Which Marker is Better for You

Both brands offer high-quality products with great customer service so we recommend trying them both out before deciding on one over the other because different people have different preferences so what might suit one artist perfectly may not be good enough for another person working on similar projects. If you’re just starting out then we suggest buying Spectrum Noir markers and expanding your collection when you feel like it’s time for a change.

If you’re looking for something versatile with lots of color options, Copic Markers may be right for you. However if ergonomics and ease-of-use matter most to you then Spectrum Noir Illustrator Twin Tip might fit your needs better.


It’s hard to go wrong when choosing Copic markers vs Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers. If your budget allows it and you want access to all of their amazing colors, Copic is definitely worth considering since they have more color options than Spectrum Noir. However, we also feel that Spectrum Noir has an edge in some areas such as affordability so these are definitely both brands that should be considered!

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  1. Another pro for spectrum is that you can buy themed 12 packs for landscapes, seascapes, figures (portraits), or general sketching. I do nature journaling as a hobby so the landscape / nature toned sets are convenient for quick in site takes.
    A non round shape is great to avoid pens rolling everywhere another bonus in the field.
    One downside is I did get a slight bleed through onto the page below when experimenting with blending so recommend protecting the page below.


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