Painting & Drawing Master Classes

About this Event

Our Drawing and Painting Master Classes are a small networking workshop of the finest art experience. Organized by Drawing Fan for every person who would like to take part. Our artist instructors will work with you, in person, to help you develop a beautiful style and increase your mastery by teaching useful tips. Masterclasses are open to all levels of art instruction; beginner through advanced.

Workshops are presented by Wayne Crossland, the guy behind the Drawing Fan, and usually consist of a short lecture, practice time with participants, and a short question-and-answer period after.

Some topics of our masterclasses

What’s happening?

These Masterclasses focuses on simple ways to improve your skills in painting and drawing. Through the workshops, we’ll collectively build a solid foundation of a practice that helps us to refine our creativity!

There’ll be tea, coffee and cake… now you’re interested! Maybe I should’ve opened with that.

  • Admission: FREE
  • Registration is REQUIRED and limited to 15 persons.
  • Every Thursday at 11:00

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