How to Frame a Canvas Board on the Cheap?
The cheapest way is by using a staple gun with wood glue or double-sided tape for mounting onto any type of surface without having to use nails/staples OR pre-made kits from an art store which can be added later if desired depending on what you want out of your artwork.
How Do You Hang a Framed Canvas?
There are many ways to display a framed piece: some people just lean it against their desk, while others create an entire gallery wall with a combination of various sized pieces and frames! When hanging, make sure everything is level in the frame. One easy way is to use picture wire if you want your artwork to be able to move around without going out of its frame.
How Do You Hang a Canvas Board Without Using a Frame?
There are many benefits to not using a frame when hanging your artwork. It allows you to have more freedom with the design and layout of each component. But without a frame, you'll need another way to mount it onto a wall or other flat surface in order for everyone who sees it to be able to enjoy its beauty every day!

One method is creating an easel back by cutting out some wood which can then easily prop up against any type of furniture-like desk/table legs while being secured into place (you may want two people for this if doing alone).

Other methods include: attaching nails along parts where spacers won't fit due to size constraints or adding hinges on top so they fold over like picture frames before placing them on a wall.
Paintings on Canvas Board – Should They Be Framed With or Without Glass?
Paintings on canvas boards should be framed with glass to protect them from dust and other environmental factors that could potentially damage the artwork over time.
There are many types of glazing you can choose depending if it's for a piece meant purely as decoration or something more expensive/important like an heirloom painting which will require UV filtering so colors don't fade away over time.