What Types of Accessories Are Included with an Art Projector?
There isn't necessarily anything "special" that comes with owning one of these devices but usually, this means they come with their own remote control so you have easy access from afar rather than being close up all the time if needed. Some also have inputs such as HDMI slots which enables them to be connected easily while others don't need anything at all to get started with your new art projector in general.
What Kind of Projector Can Be Used with an iPhone?
There are some models designed specifically for iPhones so make sure yours is one of these before making any final decisions about which option might work best overall. Otherwise, most modern projectors will require adapters in order to hook into your iPhone but it's hard telling without checking out what each type has to offer first hand so always keep that in mind as well when doing research online or elsewhere prior to buying anything new either.