5 Best Art Markers in 2024 (Reviews and Buyer’s Guide)

Smooth, consistent, quick-drying, and versatile. These are the things most people think about when somebody mentions something about markers. Markers are a relatively new type of medium since they only made their way to art and everyday life in the 1950s. They played a significant role in making comics, manga, and cartoons possible. And markers also fill a useful purpose in our lives as writing instruments.

Best Choice
Copic Markers Sketch Basic Set
Copic Markers Sketch Basic Set
Best Art Markers for Professionals
These markers are famous in the art community, and for a good reason; tons of colors are available, and it brings terrific performance. You can also easily refill the inks and replace the nibs on these markers, making it a good set if you're planning to collect these over a long time. This marker kit might be our best recommendation for professionals, but it can also be used quite easily by beginners.
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