Carey Thompson: Connecting Nature through Art

Art is often seen as a release from the world. A pastime or a hobby to distract yourself from the harsh realities of life. For most novice artists, art is a diversion; whether you use watercolor or pastels or gouache, it is a craft that you develop to disconnect yourself from the rest of the world.

Carey Thompson is committed to art that connects with the world, but Thompson’s art is spectacular because it connects to an aspect of the world which most of us did not even know existed.

A Connection to Life

Carey Thompson believes that the current state of the world is a crossroads to a paradigm shift. His worldview is clearly reflected in his artforms.

Thompson’s “Galactivation” art permeates with abstract renditions, emanating from a central figure. They are visually psychedelic and most would say, trippy, but it sets the stage for a unique experience for the viewer.

Galactivation does not seek to draw certain emotions as most paintings do. It seeks to connect with the viewers and lead them to a journey where the destination is unique to each individual. Today, Thompson uses different mediums like paint for glass, LED lights, and modern technology for his paintings and installations.

Carey Thompson started his art journey in his late teens, he started with oil paints and he admits that these works were inspired by his “psychedelic forays in nature”. Nature does play a central theme in his works, as he also has sculptural installations in festivals like Burning Man. These initial forays led to arcs and backdrops that reflect a seamless interplay of the life-giving essence of nature and the depths of human creativity.

In Thompson’s early work, the “Kundalini”, nature is depicted in cloud patterns, foliage, and the symmetry of natural structures.

Kundalini by Carey Thompson
Kundalini by Carey Thompson

The process of creation is different for Carey. He does not take sole credit for the product that comes out. He acknowledges how entheogens allowed him to open the doorways to enter with his art. The creative process is a journey in itself, and Thompson encourages the viewers of his art to take their own journeys as well, in order to see the creations in their “full glory.”

Thompson notes that he experiences a fusion between himself and his creation. A total immersion that transcends art as a skill or craft. He becomes inseparable from this object which he considers as something that “came through him.” His creations are not his own, but he is only the medium so that these works would come forth.

This is the guiding philosophy of Galactivation—seeking to be one with the world in order to break through your own personal limits. This is the state that Thompson has reached, and whatever takes him to his destination, whether it is entheogens or DMT, these are all part of the journey.

Diosa Madre Tierra – Carey Thompson
Diosa Madre Tierra – Carey Thompson

Carey Thompson’s Physical Journey

Carey Thompson has his roots from the east coast in Virginia and North Carolina. Eventually, he ventured westward, and he found himself in New Mexico. This is where he sought to establish a profound connection with Nature, along with the backdrop of the American southwest.

With his new connection to the world, Thompson continued to explore other parts of the Earth, knowing that each place has much to offer. He embarked on a four-year journey to Central America, and he became familiar with the “winds of synchronicity.”

Central America is home to numerous Mesoamerican sacred sites, and these are natural power spots which Thompson sought to channel in a new set of artworks. The Mesoamerican civilizations expressed the connection with the arts and cosmology, which is a testament to how even the stars and planets outside the Earth, share universal synchronicity.

Singularity – Carey Thompson
Singularity – Carey Thompson

Thompson wanted to become more “rooted” and he found a deeper connection in the lands of Costa Rica. He spent years in these islands, in awe of what is called the Gaian creation.

Gaia is the name of the Greek goddess of the Earth, and this influence of nature is a constant fixture on Thompson’s later works. He engaged in various activities that further strengthened the bond between his physical body and the spirit of nature. By trekking, surfing, and exploring the islands, he has become more attuned to the harmony of Gaia.

Gaia – Carey Thompson
Gaia – Carey Thompson

Thompson has currently established residence in San Francisco, California. He continues to engage in his full commitment to bringing forth the art that connects.

The Beliefs Behind the Art

Carey Thompson does not believe that art is separate from life. He believes that humans should seek to shift our relationship with the spirit of nature itself.

Humanity is at a crossroads and if we do not make a willingness to turn around and move back towards aligning with nature, we are on a path of destruction. The human civilization—all seven billion of us, should seek to connect with nature in our own way (e.g. painting with plein air easel in the field).

There are diverse cultures throughout, but the theme is universal. We are precariously near to a point of no return, with unwarranted consumption of resources, unequal distribution, and disrespect towards Gaia — Mother Nature herself.

Carey Thompson did not just make art drawing from his own experiences and travels. His entire life is a medium for the art of nature. He made himself a medium in order to invite us to embark on a journey to rediscover our roots.

Art is a powerful tool, and Carey Thompson has also used different forms of art to reach the new generation who are willing to listen. He has not limited himself to paintings, but he also creates sculptural and even technologically advanced installations.

The development of technology in itself should not be a hindrance to connecting with nature. These are all tools to awaken the senses to the experience, as with the oil or pastel on the canvas, and even the entheogens and DMT that give the keys to unlock the doors that led to Carey Thompson’s art.

Carey Thompson’s creations have been described as “dreamlike”, “psychedelic” and are even compared to hallucinatory states. These are seen as deviations from conventional art, but the truth is, nature has never set boundaries for our imagination. Being connected to nature is like a dream of coming home, rediscovering what we are truly meant to be, being connected to a bigger, universal community. This is Galactivation.